Volta: broadcasting ideas for a turning world

Volta is an international video platform full of sustainable inspiration. Everywhere in the world cool projects, initiatives and companies working towards a cleaner and greener future are emerging. Volta is the international platform where all those stories come together. We want to create a worldwide community that believes in the possibilities of a sustainable society.

Volta was named after Italian scientist Alessandro Volta who invented the electric battery and along with it the word ‘voltage’. In a poem or sonnet, a ‘volta’ is a dramatic shift in thought and emotion. In society, we are experiencing a volta in our thinking about the future. People all over the world are radically changing their opinions and views about recycling, fossil fuels and pollution. We’re breaking old habits and helping to inspire new ones while working towards a cleaner and greener future. Like seeds in the wind, the inspiration is spreading across the globe.  That’s why we’re here – broadcasting ideas for a turning world.