Volta Business

Volta is an international video platform full of sustainable inspiration. Everywhere in the world cool projects, initiatives and companies working towards a cleaner and greener future are emerging. Volta is the international platform where all those stories come together. We want to create a worldwide community that believes in the possibilities of a sustainable society.

Our offer?

With our green media experience, we advise others on their (online) media strategy, the development of video formats and the creation of new substainable innovations. Examples of how we help: 


1. Consultancy - What is your story? What are your new innovations?

Every company has a story they can tell, thereby serving as a green example for others. But you don't know where to start or how to tell you story? We can help when you have trouble finding out what your story is. 

With an online or offline brainstorm, a dragon's denn session or with research & trendwatchting, we'll make sure to find your story and help you tell it. For Rabobank, we've developed the Rabo Pitches enabling their sustainable startups to tell their story. 

Or we can help you with finding ideas to innovate to support your substainable goals. See for example the work for the Sport Innovation Studio.


2. Editorial/Production - How to tell it?

Trouble with the execution of a good plan? Know you want to tell your message, but know how? Next to consultancy, we can also take it one step further and help you how to tell your story. 

Editorial productions, podcast productions, formatting and of course video productions: we have a broad experience with all of these means and can help you and your company to set them up yourselves. Just to name a few examples: daily news, a weekly newsletter in combination with a podcast, event streaming, masterclasses or mini docs. 


3. Community - To whom? 

A format, a story and a mission deserve a community. Especially the combination of storytelling and actively involving the community can add an extra dimension to all your (internal & external) business communication.

We've partnerred up with Greenchoice and actived their community with a daily Energy Forecast (called Energieweerbericht). 


4. Platform - Where?

You found out what your story is, how to tell it and to whom. Yet, where to tell it? By building your own platform, expending your extisting distrubtion or using someone elses platform, you can widely spread the message. 

This platform and our partner platform The Innovation Station are good examples of our past work.


5. Education - Why?

Want to produce, edit and communicate yourselves? We gladly share our knowledge on sustainable and innovative communication and (video) production. With our productschools - customized to your needs - you learn what story, why, where and to whom to tell it. 


Please contact Anne de Wilde via anne.de.wilde@cultcrowd.com and Bionda Stolk via bionda@voltatv.com for more information about our services.