IoF2020 Arable Use Cases

Arable farming represents the largest agricultural sector in the EU in terms of acreage (60% in 2013) and number of primary production holdings. The sector has important ambitions, such as increasing production for food, feed, bio-based products and energy with the same or less input. At the same time, the sector faces several challenges. Stopping loss of soil fertility, prevent the pollution of groundwater and tackle disease/weed resistance for example. Against this background, a more sustainable food value chain is a necessity and IoF2020 helps to make it a reality.


IoF2020 Use Case: Within-field Management Zoning (Virtual Reality Video)
IoF2020 Use Case: Data-driven Potato Production
IoF2020 Use Case: Farm Machine Interoperability
IoF2020 Use Case: Potato Data Processing Exchange
IoF2020 Use Case: Precision Crop Management
IoF2020 Use Case: Solar-powered Field Sensors
IoF2020 Use Case: Soya Protein Management
IoF2020 Use Case: Traceability for Food and Feed Logistics
IoF2020 Use Case: Within-field Management Zoning Baltics